Hello My name is Philip, I have been practicing and teaching Hatha yoga since 2014, and I am the teacher here at LimitlessYoga.
Classic hatha yoga is a great tool for spiritual development, and way to bring ballance to the body and the mind and can also be used to strengthen the system. I am based in Aarhus, Denmark.

Currently teaching drop-in classses in Fitness World and FitnessX.

Contact me for private teaching. Philip@Limitlessyoga.dk or +45 30292324

Practices I teach :

Is a set of 10 powerful practices that activate the joints, muscles and energy system, rejuvenating the entire system.

Is a series of 30 processes to invigorate the body and reach peak physical fitness and mental health.

Surya Kriya. Is a potent 21-step yogic practice of tremendous antiquity, designed as a holistic process for health, wellness, and complete wellbeing.

Yogasanas. Are a set of powerful postures to elevate one’s consciousness, stabilize one’s mind, emotions and energy system, and decelerate the aging process.

Bhuta Shuddhi is a process of purifying the five elements within the human system leading to harmony and balance.

Sadhguru on hatha yoga :

Here I show a bit of Angamardana and Surya Shakti.

Prices :
weekend courses :
Angamardana 950,- Dkk
Surya Kriya 950,- Dkk
Yogasanas 1450,- Dkk
butha shiddu : comming soon.
Upa-yoga : comming soon.
10-session/week programs :
Angamardana/Surya Kriya/Yogasanas 1450,- Dkk 

Single sessions : 250/houre

2 persons 400/houre

3 or more 525/houre

Contact me :

Phone : +45 30292324

Email : Philip@LimitlessYoga.dk