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Surya Kriya in Aarhus 9/2

Angamardana in Aarhus

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My name is Philip, I am a Hatha yoga teacher, who lives in Aarhus, Denmark. I am trained at Isha school of hatha yoga in 2014, and I have been practieing hatha yoga ever since my training and I teach to share the great benefits it has given me for body, mind and spirit.

I generally teach yoga programs, witch means that you learn a practice and then you can keep up the practice on your own.

I also teach classes, private teaching and review sessions.

Here are some of the practices I teach :

Surya Kriya :

Surya Kriya would take 2 x 3 hours to learn.

Angamardana :

Angamardana would take 2 x 3,5 hours to learn.

Yogasanas :

Yogasanas would take 4 x 2,5 hours to learn.

Upa Yoga :